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  • Take control over your financial freedom and let IQ Leads help increase your sales production. We have guaranteed Appointment leads, We know how important it is to have a good contact rate and less " No-Shows" that's why our advanced technologies assist in verifying the home owners will be home and waiting for you...(Learn More)

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Exclusive Solar Leads

Our solar leads are actual set appointments our call staff will call and book according to your schedule.

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New Solar Leads

Our exclusive solar leads are created in house through our Inbound call center.

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Qualified Leads

Are You Looking to Buy Sales Leads?

You’re in the right place.


buy sales leads

Ok. You’re looking for qualified sales leads, right?

Maybe you’ve bought leads before only to find out they were shared with your competitors. Or worse, they were email leads that went nowhere.

Well, your luck is about to change.

Rest assured all of the leads we will provide for you are exclusive leads.

Our marketing techniques are so effective we even guarantee same-day appointments as well as guaranteed sit downs.

Our qualified customer database, which we generate fresh daily consist of home owners with good to great credit standing.

Simply put. You will get qualified sales leads or you’ll get your money back.

If this sounds reasonable, please get in-touch. Thanks so much.

Tips for Purchasing Sales Leads


Purchasing sales leadsDon’t get hooked when purchasing sales leads

Not everyone is going to take us up on our offer and that is OK. For those that don’t, we’d like to point out some of the perils that you may encounter if you purchase sales leads elsewhere.  Fortunately, you can avoid these by asking some simple questions.

  • Where do your leads come from? Knowing the source of the leads is a good starting point. Start to worry if the supplier is not willing to share this information before you buy sales leads.
  • Are they exclusive or shared? This is the mother of all questions. Some very, very big companies make a fortune off of small businesses by reselling leads or selling leads to multiple competitors. For obvious reasons, you want to be the only supplier receiving a lead and not have to compete with 4-5 of your direct competitors every time.
  • Are they Email? Fax? Phone leads? Another game that goes on is faking leads. Email leads are the easiest to fake because well, email addresses are easy to set up. Phone leads can also be faked but screened by us, they never are.
  • Are they real-time?   This is important too. The longer a lead sits around the less qualified the prospect will be when you contact them. You want real-time leads whenever possible.
  • Are the leads scrubbed? Some companies ‘scrub’ leads which means they review the lead for ‘authenticity’ before they pass them on to their clients. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the process and delays which may or may not occur. Most of our clients prefer to deal directly with all leads and determine for themselves which they deem qualified.
  • What constitutes a qualified lead?  Another great question. Some companies will go by the length of a call, the exchanging of contact information or validation of personal information. Our system determines what is a qualified lead based on length of call and validation of information but ultimately, we take our clients’ word if a lead is not qualified and they don’t pay.


Money Back Guarantee

Buying sales leads with a Money-back Guarantee

As you can see, buying sales leads could turn into a virtual mine-field. And that is exactly why we structure our business the way we have.

We have eliminated virtually all risk from purchasing sales leads from your side and we’ve put it squarely on our own shoulders. If you don’t get  true qualified leads (this rarely happens) we give you your money back. If you do get leads but you feel they’re not qualified you get your money back.

However, a more likely case is that you will be ecstatic working with us and you’ll want to continue purchasing sales leads from us because working with us is making you money, and may continue buying the leads at a competitive price.

That is about all there is to it.  Be sure to check out “The Process” section if you still have questions.

financial freedom

Alternatively, if you have any questions about buying sales leads from us, simply give us a call at 949-662-3901 and we’ll be happy to share with you exactly what we do. No lies. No deception.

You’ll get all the information you need to decide whether purchasing sales leads is something that would benefit your business.

Simply fill out form or give us a call;

Call 949.662.3901

Just Some Lead Sources

  • 01 Social Media Sites
  • 02 Legal Dialer System
  • 03 Landing Pages
  • 04 Snail Mail/Print Marketing
  • 05 Search Engine Optimization