The Process

Part of having a real-time operation depends on giving our clients the ability to review their leads and their account whenever they want.

With IQSmart Leads, users can log in at any time to review their leads, reject a lead, change their account settings or to comment on particular leads to help us with our quality assurance.

How do you want to get your leads?

We can send leads via different methods, including XML POST, email, CMS, CRM and more. We can work hand-in-hand (or monitor-in-monitor through TeamViwer) to help set up our clients to receive our leads in whichever system they have.

We have sent leads to clients’ Leads360, SalesForce and custom-built databases, all with minimal setup.

Our easy-to-understand posting instructions will help clients seamlessly integrate the leads we provide into your sales efforts.

How we verify the quality of the leads

The leads are generated from a variety of sources, including a mixture of SEO, social networks, landing pages, sponsored ads and a small range of vetted and proven affiliate marketing networks.

We verify that each lead is a “Home-Owner” with 650+ Credit rating, among other qualifiers, and have expressed interest in receiving a solar panel system installed. That knows there is a cost for the solar setup and wishes a rep show up to explain more in person. Our leads close on average of 67% of the time.

Simply fill out form or give us a call Toll Free  949.662.3901